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July 21, 2021by ammren_admin

The Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR), has called for the submission of abstracts on malaria research and interventions to be presented at the up-coming Malaria Research Conference to be held in September 2021.

In a statement issued in Accra, the Alliance requested that the abstracts from research and academic institutions, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), government agencies and other individuals working in the areas of malaria prevention, control, management and research in Ghana, be written only in English.

It said the abstracts should cover research or interventions undertaken and completed within the last five years, that is not earlier than September 2016, explaining that the Alliance was interested in synopsis describing malaria research and related interventions including; prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management and control, surveillance and evaluation.

They must also emphasise on how the results of the research and interventions were, or would be used to direct public health action, and describe or estimate the public health impact.

Abstract submitted for consideration should be original. In particular, the abstract should not represent work already published in peer-reviewed journals or previously accepted to international conference.

Other guidelines included the fact that the abstracts must not exceed 300 words and should be divided into four (4) sections involving the Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion, and should be submitted in Microsoft Word via email to with the Malaria Research Conference Abstract not later than Friday July 23rd, 2021, by 11:59 pm GMT.

The statement said in addition to the abstract, applicant should complete the application form and submit, after which shortlisted applicants would be contacted.

It directed applicants to read more details on the abstract submission guidelines on the ARHR website (