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Mapping malaria in Africa: climate change study predicts where mosquitoes will breed in future

The relationship between climate and malaria transmission is complex and has been the subject of intense study for some three decades. Mosquito vector populations sufficient to maintain malaria transmission occur within a particular range of temperatures and humidity that are suitable for their survival and breeding. The parasite also needs […]

New dengue vaccine TAK-003 gains WHO prequalification for high-burden areas

A new vaccine for dengue received prequalification from the World Health Organization (WHO) on 10 May 2024. TAK-003 is the second dengue vaccine to be prequalified by WHO. Developed by Takeda, it is a live-attenuated vaccine containing weakened versions of the four serotypes of the virus that cause dengue. WHO […]


Ghana sees falling malaria burden, targets elimination- FRANCIS KOKUTSE

When Eugene Andoh was told that the National Malaria Elimination Programme had set in motion a plan to eliminate malaria in the country, he beamed, made the sign of the cross, and declared, “This must be big news to me. It is something that I have always prayed for. “I […]

New study suggests climate change could mean declining malaria risk

A new study led by the British University of Leeds predict that the hot and dry conditions brought about by climate change will lead to an overall decrease in areas suitable for malaria transmission from 2025 onwards. The research entitled “Future malaria environmental suitability in Africa is sensitive to hydrology” was published on […]

AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine is no more – but its remarkable success must not be forgotten

Last week’s announcement that AstraZeneca would no longer market its Covid vaccine brings an end to one of the century’s most remarkable medical stories. Created within a year of the arrival of the pandemic, the AZ vaccine was cheap, easily stored and transported, and helped stave off humanitarian crises in Asia and […]