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Pfizer moves into final trial of two-in-one flu and Covid-19 jab

BRUSSELS – Biopharmaceutical company Pfizer said its two-in-one vaccine will be moving into a final-stage trial in the coming months, after an early to mid-stage (phase one and two) study showed positive results. With this, Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech come a step closer to potentially getting regulatory approval for […]

WHO releases new list of essential diagnostics; new recommendations for hepatitis E virus tests, personal use glucose meters

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its 2023 Essential Diagnostics List (EDL), which is an evidence-based register of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) that supports countries to make national diagnostic choices. This year’s list includes two firsts: Inclusion of three tests for hepatitis E virus (HEV), including a rapid test to aid […]

How to respond to disinformation spread on social media

Disinformation can be extremely harmful during an election: it can confuse voters, dissuade them from voting, delegitimize results, and more. It’s critical, as a result, that journalists be prepared to counteract it. This entails understanding how it spreads and what tools are at our disposal to stop it. Where does […]


Training of Health Professionals in Communication Skills in Navrongo

Training of Health Professionals in Communication Skills in Navrongo


Mosquito Ecology Research Facility commissioned in Accra

A Mosquito Ecology Research Facility has been commissioned at the University of Ghana (UG) to aid research into the biology of mosquitoes and their role on the environment. The facility will help understand the nature of mosquitoes and develop effective interventions to reduce mosquito population and transmission. It aims to […]

Tobacco mosaic virus creates novel malaria vaccine candidate

Scientists from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research have demonstrated that this novel, second-generation TMV malaria vaccine candidate may offer protection against Plasmodium falciparum malaria – one of the four different species of Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria in humans.  Malaria, infecting approximately 228 million individuals in 2018, remains a meaningful […]


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