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Our Vision

A malaria-free Africa, where media plays a vital role in increasing awareness, facilitating research collaboration, and enabling effective communication and advocacy to accelerate malaria elimination efforts

We Train

We train African journalists to report effectively on malaria and other diseases and to interpret scientific data. We build capacity of scientists and researchers to work effectively with the media.


AMMREN publishes the eyes on malaria magazine. The flagship magazine breaks down scientific data and research findings into simple language. AMMREN has produced documentaries on malaria.


AMMREN partners with organizations working on malaria globally, research and academic institutions, National Malaria Control Programmes and civil society organizations to push the malaria elimination agenda.


AMMREN organizes outreach programmes to educate communities and vulnerable groups on malaria prevention and control methods and other diseases and what they can do to reduce the burden of diseases

About Us

The African Media and Malaria Research Network (AMMREN) is a registered non-governmental organization made up of a network of African journalists and scientists working together towards the control and elimination of malaria. Established in 2006, AMMREN is based in Accra, Ghana. AMMREN has chapters in other countries and has over the past 17 years been actively involved in media advocacy for the elimination of malaria and other diseases on the African continent.

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Our Partners

Côte d’Ivoire receives first life-saving malaria vaccines

Cote D’ivoire received its first malaria vaccines this week, the government announced on Saturday that Malaria kills four people every day in the country, the most of them are tiny children. The government reported that 656,600 pills have been received, which will “initially vaccinate 250,000 children aged between 0 and 23 […]

Lagos,Nigeria: Dirty drainages drive malaria, diarrhoea infections in communities

De-silting of drainages in preparation for the rainy season, over the years has, to a great extent, helped rid Lagos of mosquitoes, thereby, reducing the burden of malaria and diarrhoeal infection on an already frail healthcare system. CHIJIOKE IREMEKA writes that dirty drainage channels remain a significant factor amplifying the risk […]

AI revolutionizes malaria diagnosis with 97.57% accuracy using EfficientNet

In a recent study published in Scientific Reports, a team of researchers proposed using an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses deep learning to examine red blood cell images in blood smears for the timely detection of malaria. Background The World Health Organization report from 2015 shows that in subtropical and […]

A Monoclonal Antibody Could Help Fight Malaria

Malaria is the world’s leading parasite-related endemic disease. The African region alone accounts for 94% of cases. Infections caused by Plasmodium falciparum, the deadly species, are the most common and severe. Furthermore, 80% of deaths occur in children younger than 5 years. Between 2000 and 2015, the incidence and mortality rates associated […]

Medications for TB and Malaria to be cleared from port next week

The Ministry of Health has assured yet again that it will clear the TB and Malaria medications stuck at the port within the next week. 118 containers of essential malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV medications, which arrived in October last year, have been delayed due to outstanding demurrage and third-party charges […]

Lessons from COVID-19 has reactivated efforts to innovate to eradicate malaria

One hundred health experts from 36 countries from Africa, Europe and the Americas are attended a week-long leadership development course on the “Science of defeating malaria” at the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) at Sokode-Lokoe, near Ho, in the Volta Region. The event, which began last Monday, is […]

U.S. Supports Insecticide Spraying Campaign to Protect Over One Million Ghanaians from Malaria

The United States Government, through the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), is providing $6 million (87 million Ghana Cedis) for spraying households against malaria-carrying mosquitoes in northern Ghana, known as indoor residual spraying (IRS). This year’s spraying campaign covered over 440,000 households across 10 districts in the Northern and North […]

645,000 doses of R21 malaria vaccine receives by South Sudan

The Ministry of Health of South Sudan received over 645,000 doses of the R21 malaria vaccine in Juba, which will be distributed to 28 counties with the highest malaria burden. “Malaria is the biggest killer of children in South Sudan,” says a release from Unicef. “The country grapples with one […]

Ghana: Vectron T500 innovated to support malaria resistance management deployed

A new Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) product for malaria control has been deployed in Ghana to support the country’s malaria elimination efforts. The innovation, Vectron T500, produced by Mitsui Chemicals Crop and Life Solutions, is a non-repellent, odourless and stainless formulation with low toxicity to mammals, and has a different […]

Shipment of newest malaria vaccine, R21, to Central African Republic marks latest milestone for child survival

UNICEF delivered over 43 000 doses of the R21/Matrix-M malaria vaccine by air to Bangui, Central African Republic, today, with more than 120 000 doses to follow in the next days. It is the first country to receive the R21 malaria vaccine for use in routine childhood immunization, marking another step forward […]