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Our Vision

A malaria-free Africa, where media plays a vital role in increasing awareness, facilitating research collaboration, and enabling effective communication and advocacy to accelerate malaria elimination efforts

We Train

We train African journalists to report effectively on malaria and other diseases and to interpret scientific data. We build capacity of scientists and researchers to work effectively with the media.


AMMREN publishes the eyes on malaria magazine. The flagship magazine breaks down scientific data and research findings into simple language. AMMREN has produced documentaries on malaria.


AMMREN partners with organizations working on malaria globally, research and academic institutions, National Malaria Control Programmes and civil society organizations to push the malaria elimination agenda.


AMMREN organizes outreach programmes to educate communities and vulnerable groups on malaria prevention and control methods and other diseases and what they can do to reduce the burden of diseases

About Us

The African Media and Malaria Research Network (AMMREN) is a registered non-governmental organization made up of a network of African journalists and scientists working together towards the control and elimination of malaria. Established in 2006, AMMREN is based in Accra, Ghana. AMMREN has chapters in other countries and has over the past 17 years been actively involved in media advocacy for the elimination of malaria and other diseases on the African continent.

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AMMREN Pays a visit to The Navro-Pio's Palace

AMMREN Pays A Visit To The Navro-Pio’s Palace

A visit by AMMREN to the NAVRO-PIO’s Palace

AMMREN Engages with Communities
AMMREN Engaging with The Communities
Ammren Engaging with Communities 2

AMMREN Engaging with The Communities

A cross-section of AMMREN Engaging with The Communities

Our Partners

Malaria parasite can be found in 99% of Ghanaians

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) has disclosed that 90 per cent of Ghanaians have malaria parasites and are unaware. Professor Linda Eva Amoah, Associate Professor of Immunology NMIMR, said this research meant that most adults and children have malaria and were not aware, adding that, the fact […]

Malaria vaccine plays critical role in turning the tide on malaria in Ghana

 While Ghanaian mother Charity Kesewaa Damoah has nursed her eight-year-old son through several debilitating bouts of malaria, his 14-month-old brother, John, is living proof of the benefits of the first malaria vaccine recommended to prevent the disease in children, she believes. Not once, since he was first inoculated at six […]


Training of Health Professionals in Communication Skills in Navrongo

Training of Health Professionals in Communication Skills in Navrongo