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Malaria parasite gene could be effective drug target to block transmission

A newly discovered gene in the malaria parasite could be a good target for future drugs aimed at preventing disease transmission. The gene, discovered by Imperial College London researchers, is crucial for the development of the infectious stage of the malaria parasite. It also has unique features that could make […]


Gates Foundation Helps mRNA Vaccine Development in Africa

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced last week that it will invest $40 million in African drug makers. The money will help produce new messenger RNA vaccines in Africa. The continent’s people were the last to receive vaccinations against COVID-19 during the pandemic. The foundation said that its investment […]

Atovaquone “chemical vaccine” for malaria could be more feasible than thought

Johns Hopkins researchers looking to develop a long-acting, injectable malaria preventive using atovaquone have shown in a new study that resistance may not be the challenge scientists thought it was, particularly when using atovaquone as a malaria preventive. Malaria parasites in infected patients being treated with atovaquone tend to develop […]

Oxford R21/Matrix-M™ malaria vaccine receives World Health Organization recommendation for use paving the way for global roll-out 

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD PRESS RELEASE UNDER STRICT EMBARGO:  02 OCTOBER 2023 (15:00) BST The highly effective vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the Serum Institute of India, leveraging Novavax’s adjuvant is critical to reducing over half a million malaria-related deaths annually. R21/Matrix-M™ malaria vaccine has been recommended for […]

Malaria vaccine shows promise against relapsing form of the disease

An experimental vaccine that targets a malaria parasite behind a relapsing form of the disease has shown some promise in a small trial. Researchers tested two vaccine candidates, finding that neither had any serious safety concerns, but only one induced a substantial immune response. The parasite Plasmodium vivax is the second most common cause […]