Latest NewsCoronavirus: Why Nigeria continues to use hydroxychloroquine despite WHO advice

May 28, 2020by ammren_admin

Even though say World Health Organization don stop testing of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as possible treatment for coronavirus, Director General of di National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) wey dey torchlight melecine matter for Nigeria, Dr Mojisola Adeyeye say di kontri go kontinu clinical trials of di drug.

Dr Adeyeye say records dey to show say hydoxychloroquine dey work on di treatment of Covid-19 patients particularly for di ones wey dey “mild stage”.

Dis statement from Dr Adeyeye dey come days afta Commissioner for Health for Lagos State wey be di epicentre of Covid-19 for Nigeria, confam say, di state don begin use di drug for clinical trials.

Di DG of National Agency for Food and Drug and Control tell tori pipo TVC say “data dey to prove say hydroxychloroquine dey work for many Covid-19 patients. Therefore we go kontinu our own clinical trials for Nigeria.

Why WHO temporary suspend hydroxychloroquine use

On Monday, WHO bin “temporarily” suspend di use of di drug as precaution afta one study suggest say di drug fit increase di risk of patients dying from Covid-19.

Medical pipo Lancet conduct di study wey involve 96,000 coronavirus patients, and dem give nearly 15,000 of dem hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine. Di study come show say di patients dey more likely to die for hospital and develop heart problems than oda covid patients wey no use di drug.

But Dr Adeyeye for di interview say she, “no know di data dem (WHO) look weda na from oyibo pipo or from African population.

“Wen you do clinical trial treatment, many factors dey wey fit affect di clinical outcome. Di way drug dey work even from children wey come from di same mama fit dey different, not to tok of population.

“So if di data dem dey look and di reason dem suspend di trials na becos e come from oyibo population, den e fit dey justified. I no tink say we get data from di African population yet becos our genetic makeup dey different.

Oda kontris wey dey use hydroxychloroquine

Just like Nigeria, Brazil say dem too go kontinu to dey use hydroxychloroquine both for pipo wey dey “mild stage” and also for “severe cases”.

Brazil use of di drug dey come as di nation dey deal wit one of di worst outbreak of coronavirus for di World.

Di kontri don record more than 370,000 infections and na dem get di second highest number of coronavirus cases afta America.

America President Donald Trump bin say im dey take di drug so e no go catch di virus. But di kontri Food and Drug Administration bin warn say make pipo no take di melecine.

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