Latest NewsEritrea: Commendable Effort to Control Malaria Prevalence

July 16, 2020by ammren_admin

Keren — Commendable effort is being exerted to control the prevalence of malaria in Anseba region. The report was made by the Ministry of Health branch in the region.

Indicating that the achievement already registered is the result of the integrated efforts on the part of the Ministry of Health, the public and stakeholders, Mr. Kiros Sereke, head of Malaria Control in the region, said that the proper usage of impregnated bed nets and sustainable environmental sanitation activities were contributing factors for the successful outcome.

Mr. Kiros also said that a laboratory has been established in Eleberet with a view to conduct research on the types of malaria mosquitoes and there by to introduce proper means and mechanism of controlling the malaria prevalence.

The head of Promotion and Information at the Ministry of Health branch, Mr. Tesfa’alem Misgina on his part called for reinforced participation of all concerned institutions and stakeholders for the total eradication of malaria in the region.

Credit: AllAfrica