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July 12, 2022by ammren_admin

The Public Health Directorate of the Ghana Health Service says malaria cases are likely to go up due to insanitary conditions created by floodwaters across the country.

Dr Franklin Asiedu-Bekoe, Director, Public, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said flooding was creating breeding homes for the mosquito larvae at homes, office areas and street corners and feared that could lead to upsurge in malaria cases.

He, therefore, encouraged the populace to clear weedy areas and stagnant waters.

“The collection of water in various containers must also be taken care of, and these containers with eggs trigger the larvae to emerge and grow. Usually, during this time, cases of malaria are high, but they are low when we have the dry season,” Dr Asiedu-Bekoe stated.

He also stated that during the rainy season, some people defecate or pour faecal matter into streams and running waters exposing communities to germs and diarrhoea diseases.

Dr Asiedu-Bekoe charged the local Assemblies to implement their sanitation, environmental and health by-laws to protect the health of the population.

He said their health departments must check the medical records of food vendors and ensure they adhered to the highest hygienic standards.

” The other issue is that Ghanaians must also own their health, they must eat their foods hot because you cannot be sure of the quality of the food,” the Director said.

“Let’s ensure hand washing under running water, let’s not leave our health in the hands of others. COVID-19 is around, there is influenza and monkeypox,” Dr Asiedu-Bekoe stated.