Latest NewsMalaria eradication: A dream or reality?

February 20, 2020by ammren_admin0

“The Africa of my birth and of my life experience is a continent of abundant human and natural resources, immense and diverse investment opportunities, and an economy that is primed for leapfrog strategies. Africa’s challenges may appear daunting to most, but to those with the right entrepreneurial vision, challenges always provide opportunities.”

– Jim Ovia (Africa RISE AND SHINE)

Joanne Chory is a professor and director, Plant Biology Laboratory, Salk Institute for biological studies. In the current edition of ‘The world in 2020,’a publication of The Economist, she did a detailed commentary on the possibility of humanity to wage a determined war against climate change making use of what she called plant genetics. Just like our opening quote from one of Africa’s best known entrepreneurs Mr. Jim Ova, this uncommon scientist Joanne Chory  expressed her belief that attaining this lofty aspiration of confronting the effects of climate change may take what she categorized as a global village to attain. 

Hear her: “There are clearly examples where science, technology and policy have converged to solve global threats. For our efforts to succeed, we need nothing less than the type or federal investment and partnerships between the public and private sectors that led to the lifesaving public health response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic”.

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