Latest NewsNamibia’s north see surge in malaria deaths

May 21, 2020by ammren_admin

Namibia has reported a sharp increase in malaria cases and deaths in the north of the country amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the country’s health minister said Tuesday.

While the country is dealing with COVID-19, it is also faced with other health challenges, such as malaria, hepatitis E and tuberculosis, said Minister of Health and Social Services Kalumbi Shangula.

He said 32 people have died of malaria since January this year as the cases of malaria increased from 2,405 in 2019 to 10,921 cases.

“The programs of the ministry are continuing irrespective of COVID-19. We have appointed additional staff to deal with COVID-19 while the existing staff continue with the normal ministerial responsibilities, including control of malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS,” Shangula said.

“COVID-19 is dominating public discourse. However, it should be remembered that other diseases are still with us. They also should receive due attention,” he added.