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October 26, 2020by ammren_admin

Malaria is still a public health concern in Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan countries. According to the W.H.O, the estimated fatalities stood at 405,000 in 2018, with children under 5 years being major casualties.

The war against malaria is clearly not won, as a 2018 W.H.O report suggests that 6 countries accounted for more than half of all malaria cases worldwide, Nigeria (25%), Democratic Republic of Congo(12%), Uganda (5%), and Cote d’ Ivoire, Niger and Mozambique (4%).

This suggests that more work needs to be done. It is not all gloom, as victory definitely in sight.

The menace of counterfeit malaria drugs in treating malaria is a major cause of the high mortality rates in Nigeria. People not being able to distinguish between counterfeit and authentic malaria drugs is a big source of worry.

Thankfully, Pharmaceutical giant, Greenlife Pharmaceuticals, makers of P-Alaxin, is at the forefront in the war against not just malaria but also counterfeit drugs.

They have introduced a mobile system that allows customers, patients, and health practitioners to recognize counterfeit P-Alaxin drugs. One can now identify authentic from counterfeit P-Alaxin drugs by scratching the foil on the pack which reveals a code. Send the revealed code to a number and instantly confirm the authenticity on your mobile phone.

This is a major step in winning the war against malaria in Nigeria.

P-Alaxin has taken the fight against malaria a notch higher by using its platforms to sensitize the public on the prevention, transmission, and treatment of malaria.

With the other programmes, collaborations, and efforts by the Government such as distribution and subsidized insecticide-treated nets, indoor spraying, sensitization on malaria prevention, etc. We are gradually nearing the end of the malaria scourge in Nigeria.

To know more about how P-Alaxin is winning the war against malaria. Visit P-Alaxin on all its digital platforms.