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Namibia: Malaria cases at 11 000

HEALTH minister Kalumbi Shangula said Namibia has experienced an increase in malaria cases since the malaria season started in December. At a press conference on malaria amid Covid-19 yesterday, the minister said the worst affected regions are Kavango East and West, Zambezi and Ohangwena. “These regions are experiencing a significant […]

Africa: Why It’s Vital to Look Beyond the Hype About Repurposed Malaria Drugs

There are many examples in history of drugs that have been repurposed for different diseases. One such drug is chloroquine, which was and is still used for malarial treatment. It has been repurposed as an anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and, most recently, as an anti-viral drug. Chloroquine was first produced in 1934, […]


Coronavirus – Africa: Fighting COVID-19 in Africa’s informal settlements

One of the most pressing concerns for Africa is that over half the population (excluding in North Africa) live in overcrowded informal settlements The COVID-19 pandemic has cost hundreds of thousands of lives in the world’s richest cities but poses an even greater threat to cities in the developing world. […]


Potent tetrahydroquinolone can eliminate parasites that cause toxoplasmosis and malaria

Toxoplasma gondii infection is one of the most frequent parasitic infections of humans. This parasite is present in the brain of an estimated two billion people—about 40 percent of all humans on earth. It is endemic throughout the world, causing water and food-borne epidemics that result in toxoplasmosis. This neglected, […]


Swiss scientist’s work could stop malaria – but how soon?

When Jeremy Herren left Switzerland to start a bold new research project in Kenya, not many people thought he would succeed. Now, after six years of research, he and his team have announced a breakthrough in the fight against malaria. But it could take years to find out whether the […]


South Africa’s first patients ready to start Covid-19 drug trials

– The World Health Organisation (WHO) has resumed trials of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine – Studies were halted after research papers claiming that the drug was unsafe were published – The papers were retracted after the authors were unable to verify data allowing the trials to resume Global trials of […]


Coronavirus vaccine developers expect ‘two-dose regimen,’ report says

The coronavirus vaccine may not grant full immunity after just one dose, according to a new report. When a vaccine proves effective, there’s a good chance it will entail a two-dose series, USA Today reported. Shots may need to be administered one month apart, with a booster following several years […]

Ugandan progress offers hope in malaria fight

Between 2017 and 2018, the number of malaria cases in Uganda fell by 1.5 million due, in part, to a renewed focus on tackling the disease in high burden areas. Dr Dorothy Echodu, CEO of Pilgrim Africa, an NGO based in Uganda and the US, is the architect of one successful […]

Advancing promising science to fight the scourge of malaria

Malaria continues to kill around 750 children under the age of five every single day. These young children are indeed the most vulnerable group affected by malaria accounting for 67% of all malaria deaths worldwide in 2018. (WMR2019,WHO) One thing is certain, says Holm Keller, Managing Director of the EU […]

Malaria elimination agenda must include the media

COVID-19: a threat against malaria? The fight against malaria must continue with all the energy needed to kick out the disease. But the big question is how differently should we approach the fight this time around? With collapsed economies and distorted global health architecture, situation in post COVID-19 will need […]