29 Garden Street , East Legon, Accra. Ghana.

+233 (0) 303-933-452 or (+233) 553-442-105 info@ammren.org

What We Do

  • Train

We train African journalists to report effectively on malaria and other diseases and to interpret scientific data. We build capacity of scientists and researchers to work effectively with the media.

  • Publish

We publish the Eyes on Malaria Magazine. The flagship magazine breaks down scientific data and research findings into simple language. AMMREN has produced documentaries on malaria

  • Collaborate

We partner with organisations working on malaria globally, research and academic institutions, National Malaria Control Programmes and civil society organizations to push the malaria elimination agenda.

  • Educate

We organise outreach programmes to educate communities and vulnerable groups on malaria prevention and control methods and other diseases and what they can do to reduce the burden of diseases